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HKF Technology

PO Box 9647, Newark
Delaware, 19714, USA
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Areas of Focus

Air, Water and Soil (air/water/soil pollution treatment and management)
Clean coal technology
Computational fluid dynamics
Astaxanthin production and its supply chain
Manufacturing optimization & technology
Robotics & autonomous systems
Unusual Format Electronics (Flexible and Stretchable, electronic sensor tattoo)

Areas of Interest

Artificial intelligence and Counter Artificial intelligence Biomimetics
Biochemical/Biomolecular/Biomedical engineering
(biotics, algae, membrane processes, electrochemical
energy conversion, bioreactors)
Clean energy technologies
Chemical engineering (catalysts, Fischer-Tropsch
synthesis, textile engineering, ceramics) Environmental Engineering (assessment, mitigation, modeling, ecosystem development and management) Electrical and computer engineering (consumer electronics, MEMS, lithography, Unusual Format
Electronics-Large Area, Flexible and Stretchable) Digital identification and authentication (non-defense)

Encryption solutions and integration applications (non-defense)
Energy Storage (batteries, ultra-capacitors, kinetic energy recovery & storage)
IT recovery & reconstitution (non-defense) Mobile/Networking
Nanotechnology (graphene, dendrimer, nanofabrication of surface structures)
Next generation IT infrastructure
Novel/advanced materials
Power Generation (Wind, Fuel Cell)
Software engineering (Advanced data management and correlation generation)
Supply chain technologies

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HKF Good Biotic has developed cutting edge bio-chemistry technologies capable of solving some of the biggest problems in the world and save lives.
A wholly owned subsidiary of HKF Technology, HKF Good Analytics has developed some of the world's most advanced algorithms to tackle problems that were once impossible to resolve.More
HKF Good Prefab is an affiliated high tech civil engineering company, part of HKF America Corporation and HKF Nordic AB Sweden. HKF America Corporation delivers premium prefabricated solution to high end luxury hotels such as Hyatt, Peninsula Hotels and Starwood Hotels, While HKF Nordic AB Sweden delivers turn-key prefabricated solutions to world-renowned general contractors such as Samsung Construction and SKANSKA construction. HKF Good Prefab Also delivers prefabricated solutions to hospitals, university dormitories as well as marquee sports venues such as the world cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.… More
HKF Good Health has developed ultra-sensitive instruments in combination with A.I. powered analytical modeling technologies in the field of medical diagnostics and theranostics
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